Amber Oud Black Edition

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Haramain Amber Oud Black Edition 60ml Eau de Parfum

Amber Oud Black Edition is a sultry, leathery, woody and floral scent. It has a familiar aura that is unique to whoever uses it, with its deep oud elements, it lasts and leaves its mark on those who experience it aroma. Amber Oud Black Edition leaves a lasting impression on everyone who crosses its path. a fragrance that is not just uniquely alluring, but projecting power and mystery, like a panther prowling in the jungle. it’s not just an impressive perfume. it is Amber Oud Black Edition by Al Haramain, a life-changing experience in scent!

Fragrance Notes:
Top Note: Woody, Cardamom, Lavender
Middle Note: Amber, Tonga Bean, Leathery Accord
Base Note: Benzoin, Vetiver, Ambergris


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